Things to Consider While Choosing a Telephone System For Small Business

When looking for a telephone system for a small business, there are a lot of choices. Which system is best for you, depends on the type of business you have and your operating conditions.

The following options to consider may help you decide which is best for you.

What are Your Options?

You can choose between an analog landline system, a virtual phone system, VoIP on your premise system or a VoIP cloud hosted system.


These have been around for years and are still very reliable and provide a high call quality. Most businesses have a landline as this is still the most common form of telecommunication most of your customers are using.

Some businesses require a more complex system such as Private Branch Exchange especially if they have lots of operators. For this system, you need a large amount of expensive equipment that takes up a lot of room. It’s expected that business landlines will soon become totally obsolete because they offer a very limited service compared to the more modern telephone systems for small businesses that are now available.

They also tend to be rather expensive with toll call charges and equipment rentals. Landline systems have the advantage of being easy to use, but they are not really very flexible or suited to the digital age

Virtual Phone Service

These are really a sophisticated call forwarding service and are only suitable for use between two callers, they are ideal for freelancers and entrepreneurs, but although inexpensive are of limited use for business as they are limited with no room for expansion.

Cellular, Mobile Systems

These systems are more suited to home use and being part of a VoIP System than to be used as a sole telephone system for small businesses.

VoIP On-Premise Solutions

It does not rely on wire lines, but uses data packages transmitted via the internet. Its limitations come in where it still, just like the Private Branch Exchange systems used for landlines you need to have a lot of equipment in order to operate it, equipment that you have to maintain and service yourself.

As this system uses VoIP technology, it’s reliable, flexible and much more suitable for modern companies that landline or cellular mobile phone systems

Cloud VoIP Services

It appears that this will be the telephone systems for small business technology of the future as it is totally scalable and suitable for any size business for a one-man band to large business and multi-corporations.

Because all the services are delivered through the cloud there is no additional hardware or software that you need to purchase maintain or trouble shoot. The whole system is serviced and maintained by your service provider. Everything is included in the one monthly fee.

These types of telephone systems for small business do not require a large investment or expertise to operate and can be set very quickly

When considering which telephone systems for small businesses you should choose some of the main things are affordability, usability and scalability. The modern VoIP telephone systems are very adaptable to suit most personal as well as business applications. With landline expected to soon become obsolete, most businesses will be relying on the internet for all their communication needs.