The Advantages of Multi Business Application Platforms

As often said, the world of technology is always evolving. What was cutting edge yesterday can easily become outdated tomorrow.

While the purpose of technological advances is to enhance quality of life, the time and effort it often takes to adapt to these changes can be a frustrating process. This is especially true when it comes to using business software.

Users are nearly 10 times more likely to encounter usability problems with business software than consumer software and websites. Obstructions in business software usability are often related to the complex functionality of these applications. Continual updates and tweaking intended to improve the functionality of these applications often create only more problems for users.

To absolve headaches associated with relying on a variety of packaged software applications for payroll and other infrastructural tasks, many businesses have shifted to software development platforms such as LANSA. Functional on most operating systems including IBM System i and Microsoft Windows, LANSA provides all the tools necessary to maintain and perform vital infrastructure tasks such as accounting, resource planning, supply chain management and e-business.

In addition to developing new applications, users can also run existing applications on the LANSA platform. Some businesses have experienced as much as a 90 percent drop in time and cost related to application upkeep since switching over to the LANSA platform, according to the company’s website.

Tools of the LANSA Trade

Below are a few of the applications compiling the LANSA software platform:

Visual LANSA: Develops high quality commercial applications from a single code base for use on Windows and the Internet. Applications can be deployed on a variety of platforms including IBM i, Linux and wireless devices.

An additional component of Visual LANSA is the Visual LANSA Framework, which minimizes the level of effort needed to create high quality graphic applications. Used in conjunction with Visual LANSA, the framework enables developers to create top tier applications without the use of coding, and can be moved among several operating systems without compromising its original appearance and behavior.

RAMP: Rapid Application Modernization Process (RAMP) allows users to create a composite application out of non-LANSA programs using reengineered components from the LANSA metadata repository.

The LANSA repository houses all source codes for non-LANSA applications added to the platform. Program source codes validate any incoming files that would update or alter an application. By storing source codes in one location, LANSA is able to prevent programs from receiving duplicate files, which can sometimes lead to extensive maintenance issues.

Composer: Integrates the transport and transformation of data by automating several manual business processes. The key features of this application allows businesses to cut down on the level of human interaction needed to deliver information, therefore reducing a significant amount of data needed to be rekeyed into the system.

Whether or not LANSA is the best fit for your company’s needs, switching to a multi application platform will streamline your infrastructure process and reduce the cost of maintaining your business software.

MLM – Creative Ideas on Creating Content for Your Multi Level Marketing Articles or Blogs

If you’re into multi level marketing, and you’re marketing online, then you probably realize by now that you should be producing content on a regular basis to draw people to your business.

But sometimes it’s easy to sit down to write content, and then draw a blank of what to write. Some people call it writers block, but I don’t like that term. That term tells your brain that you have a problem that’s not going to be able to be solved quickly. Then you start worrying about never being able to think of something to write about for your multi level marketing business.

This puts you in more stress and then you’re writer’s block becomes a huge problem that lasts for weeks rather than a few minutes. A few minutes? That’s right, you can find something to write about in about 2 minutes if you know exactly where to look.

Places to Get Content Ideas for Your Multi Level Marketing Business

Forums:This is probably the place that I check first. People who are in a multi level marketing forum are in there to get answers to their problems and to learn more about how to make their business grow faster.

This means they’re asking questions that are directly on their mind right then and there. Sure you’ll have to siphon through some people just trying to recruit people into their multi level marketing system by basically spamming. But you’ll also find plenty of questions that people are asking and are desperate to get answers for.

Here’s a little tip. If you comment on their question, and get them to open up some more, you can get an even more detailed question out of them…or better yet multiple questions for multiple areas for content.

Also, you reading other people’s answers can give you tons of ideas for your own multi level marketing articles. You could get 10 articles from one thread in a network marketing forum if you play your cards right and keep your eyes open.

Articles in Article Directories: Here’s the thing. You’re not the only one going to forums to get ideas for your multi level marketing business. Other savvy marketers are doing the same thing. So why not let them do the research for you.

You can do this by either watching the most viewed sections in the different article directories and simply take that copy and write your own thoughts.

Important: Don’t copy anybody’s article EVEN JUST A LITTLE BIT!! You don’t need to. Just get the idea for the article, and put your own twist on it. You’ll actually be surprised by how many breakthrough ideas you actually come up with as well.

Twitter; Twitter is a great place like forums for real time questions. You can do a search at for whatever topic you want such as “multi level marketing”, “mlm”, “seo”, “article marketing”…whatever the heck it is that you’re writing about. You can get questions that people are asking right now this second.

You can actually go back and shoot them a link to your article by @’ing them. This way they look at you as a helping hand for their multi level marketing business…or whatever sort of business it is that they’re running.

Comments on Your Blog; If you’ve been running a network marketing blog for a while and getting comments then you’ve probably got a stock pile of ideas right there. People ask questions, make comments with their own ideas, and even answer questions themselves in your comment area. Hopefully anyways, because if this is happening then you know you’ve got a pretty happening multi level marketing blog.

Simply take some of those comments and questions and write your own articles. Alright, so you thought Amazon was just for buying stuff right? Well it’s a great place to get ideas.

Here’s what you do to come up with great multi level marketing content. Go to Amazon and do a search for books using keywords like “network marketing”, “MLM”, “multi level marketing”, “Home Business” etc.

Most books these days have a way to look inside the book which allows you to read an excerpt. When the author allows that they always allow you to go through the table of contents. You can simply go through and read all the table of contents and get tons of ideas.

I mean come on…think they didn’t do their research if they’re writing a print book? Of course they did. And it’s all their as a shortcut for you.

So there you go. Now the secret is to write down all of your ideas in a idea journal so that each time you sit down to write content you don’t have to go through all of this.

You simply look through your journal and get writing tons and tons of content for your multi level marketing business.

Multi-Level Marketing Business Model

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a powerful business model for marketing products and services. Multi-level marketing is is a structure in which the business not only compensates the individual marketing the product for their direct sales but also compensates the individual for the direct sales of the people they have introduced to the company. The name multi-level marketing has a fairly literal meaning in that every marketer or distributor is at a level. There are marketers above them and marketers below them. Therefore anybody that you as the marketer have introduced to the company, is at a lower level than you. At this point you would make commissions from your sales as well as the sales of the people below you. Sounds like a pretty powerful structure to making money and being successful right? You not only make money from your sales, but also make money from the sales of the people underneath you.

There are hundreds of business opportunities that take advantage of the multi-level marketing business model. The majority of these MLM opportunities offer great products. Products that serve a propose, and products that have a definitive market to sell to. The idea behind these companies is to try to increase customer activity by creating a vast sales force or a large number of promoters. As a promoter your goal is to recruit more promoters like yourself who will sell the product. You then get commissions for your efforts. You will get commissions if you sell the product or if you recruit and add a new promoter. From the manufacturers point of view this business model is a considerable benefit. Multi-level marketing offers them the opportunity to increase product visibility through a network of highly motivated distributors at a very low cost. Assuming the the product that is being marketed is a good product and has a big market, the manufacturer of the product makes a considerable profit.

The questions is, however, can the individual promoter or distributor make money from Multi-level marketing. The quick answer is yes they can. But answers like these are never quick. The Direct Selling Association (DSA) states that the average annual income for promoters involved in multi-level marketing is just $2,400, and that only 10% of the people involved in multi-level marketing make any profit at all. That doesn’t sound like a very good track record for an MLM businesses does it? The main reason for this is that 90% of the people are not going to be able to hire enough distributors underneath them to generate substantial commissions. This means that they themselves need to continue to add people trying to generate wealth. It could take two to five years or more to establish yourself at a level to where MLM would offer an advantage to you. What does this mean and what happens in that time frame?

Multi-level marketing relies heavily on word of mouth. What this means is that a promoter involved in multi-level marketing sells to family and friends, assuming that they will then turn around and sell to their family and friends and so on. What happens when you have talked to all your family and friends about the business? You then resort to hotel meetings and conferences to try and get more visibility of the product and hopefully word of mouth takes you to your goals. Chances are this will not work because its not very effective and this is why only 10% can make a profit. Think of spending five or more years conducting sales presentations and putting out ads and cold calling customers. Either your expenses are high, you have no customers to show for it, or the compensation you are receiving is not what you originally thought and you are not meeting your goals. The manufactures are making plenty of money because their sales force is vast and even if no single promoter is selling at high levels the group as a whole is selling at a very high level. The 10% that does make money, well they were in at the beginning so they are near the top level or they possess skills that many of the promoters in the multi-level marketing structure do not possess.

Not everyone makes money when they are involved with MLM and not everyone reaches their goals by marketing a great product. If you have a great product with a large market to sell to and a highly motivated sales force promoting and selling the opportunity, why is it that the majority of the people involved with multi-level marketing see no profits at all? Is it the Multi-level marketing business model in general?